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What is GaN and Why Do You Need It?

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Gallium nitride is a material that's starting to be used for semiconductors in chargers. It was used to make LEDs starting in 1990, and it's also a popular material for solar cell arrays on satellites. The main thing about GaN when it comes to chargers is that it produces less heat. Less heat means components can be closer together, so a charger can be smaller than ever before while still maintaining all the power capabilities and safety standards.


The Heat Is On: GaN Replaces Silicon

Since 1980, silicon has been the material of choice for transistors. Silicon conducts electricity better than previously used materials, such as vacuum tubes, and is also cheaper because it is not too expensive to produce. Over the decades, technological advances have led to the high performance we take for granted today. Advances can only go so far, and silicon transistors may be close to where they are headed. The nature of silicon itself, in terms of heat and electricity transmission, means that these components can't be any smaller.

GaN is different. It's a crystal-like material that's capable of conducting far higher voltages. Electrical current can pass through components made from GaN faster than silicon, which facilitates even faster processing. GaN is more efficient, so there's less heat.

Here is Where GaN Comes In:

A transistor is essentially a switch. A chip is a component that has hundreds or thousands of transistors in a very small space. What happens when GaN is used instead of silicon, is that everything can be closer together. That means more processing power, which can be squeezed into a smaller space. A small charger can do more work than a big one, and it can do it fast.

Why GaN is the Future of Charging?

Most of us have a few electronic devices that need charging. With a charger that uses GaN technology, we get a whole lot more bang for our buck—both now and in the future.

Since the overall design is smaller, most GaN chargers incorporate USB-C Power Delivery. This offers fast charging for compatible devices. Most current smartphones allow fast charging of some kind and even more devices will have this option in the future.

The most efficient power

Being lightweight and low footprint make the Gan charger ideal for travel. A charger is what most people will need when it has enough power for everything from phones to tablets and even laptops.

Heat is a major factor in determining how long electronic devices keep working, and chargers are no exception. The efficiency of GaN in transferring power keeps heat to a minimum, so a modern GaN charger will keep working for a lot longer than non-GaN chargers made even a year or two in the past.

Small meets power

Our 65W GaN chargerit is an excellent example of the next-generation solutions that Super Dragon creates. It’s the smallest 65W GaN charger on the market, bringing the convenience of fast, powerful, and safe charging into an ultra-compact design. Ideal for travel, home or office, you’ll be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other USB-C devices with a single powerful charger. Using innovative GaN technology, the charger provides up to 65W of power for any compatible device. Built-in protection protects your devices from overcurrent and overvoltage damage. USB-C Power Delivery certification ensures fast and reliable performance with your devices.


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