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Possible Outcomes of Using Incompatible Desktop Power Adapters

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Your adapter and device should have the same voltage, current, and polarity. But what if you purposely or mistakenly use the wrong adapter? The plug may not fit in some circumstances. In many cases, however, an incompatible power adapter will work with your device.

However, the best bet is to ensure that you partner with a professional manufacturer of desktop power adapters to ensure that you spend your hard-earned money on the best product for your device.

Well, in case you find yourself in the wrong hand, here are some possible challenges you may be experiencing:

· Wrong polarity

Reversing polarity might cause device damage. Some devices have polarity protection and will run on battery power when the wrong polarity is used. The direct current input, however, will be burnt, but the main circuit won’t be damaged. Fixing this will require replacement of the polarity protection fuse or servicing.


· Very low voltage

The device will work erratically if its adapter voltage is lower and current is the same. Unlike using the wrong polarity, a low voltage won’t cause device damage or reduce its effectiveness.


· Very high voltage

This, on the other hand, can fry your device or shorten its lifespan if the device fails to shut itself off. In contrast with the low voltage, the current remains the constant while the voltage is high.


· Very high current

There should be no issues with the power adapter having the necessary voltage and the current being larger than that which the device takes in. Assuming you have a device that requires a 19 voltage or a 5 amps direct current input but only has a 19 voltage or 8 amps direct current adapter, your device will receive the 19 voltage it needs but only consume 5 amps of current.


· Insufficient current 

Here, the power adapter has the right voltage, but its current is less than that which the device takes in, and the device can come on and use a high amount of current from the power adapter than it should, causing overheating and even permanent  damage to the adapter.

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The adapter may be unable to keep pace, even if the device comes on, hence, the voltage declines. As for devices running on low-current adapters, the battery might charge, but the device will not power on. Also it may power on but the system battery will not charge.


Based off of a basic grasp of current, polarity, and voltage, you'd expect to see all of the above. However, the varied protection and adaptability of desktop power adapters and gadgets are not taken into account in these outlooks. Additionally, manufacturers could inflate their ratings to some extent.


Your laptop, for example, may be certified as capable of only drawing 8A, but it only pulls about 5A in reality. An adapter, on the other hand, may be rated as capable of handling currents of 5 amps, but can handle currents of up to 8 amps as well. Additionally, certain devices, adapters inclusive, will have have embedded functions that switch current and voltage occasionally by adjusting the output as the need arises. Though, previously indicated, most devices will shut down automatically before any damage is caused.


The margin should not be set based on the idea that your electronic gadgets can accomplish the equivalent of driving 5 MPH over the speed limit. The margin exists for a reason, and the more complex the equipment, the more likely something will go wrong.


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