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Types of Power Adapters

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There are many ways to construct the adapter of switching power supply, and there are many ways to classify it. Here are several ways to classify it.

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1. Output type classification:


The output type can be divided into AC power adapter output type and DC power adapter output type


(1) DC power adapter (DC-DC) outputs high quality DC power.

(2) AC power adapter (AC-AC) outputs high quality AC energy.

(3) According to the output DC value, the power adapter can be divided into step-up switching power supply and step-down power adapter, as well as high-voltage switching technology, high-voltage power adapter and low-voltage power adapter.

(4) According to the output waveform, the power adapter can be divided into rectangular wave and sine wave circuits.

(5) According to the output performance, the power adapter can be divided into constant voltage constant frequency and variable voltage variable frequency circuits


2. Appearance classification

There are USB interface, serial interface and parallel interface according to different interfaces


3. Classification by driving mode


(1) With the help of the positive feedback control signal of the converter itself, the self-excited power adapter realizes the self-sustaining periodic switch. The switch tube plays the role of oscillator and power switch. For example, single tube ringing choke converter is called RCC converter; double tube single transformer Royer circuit; double tube double transformer Jensen converter circuit.

(2) The power adapter of the other excitation power adapter is equipped with a special independent oscillation circuit, and the control signal synchronized with the oscillator drives the switch tube.

(3) According to the way of energy transfer, the power adapter can be divided into forward type and flyback type.


4. Classification by type of energy conversion process

(1) DC-DC converter (DC-DC) is to convert one kind of DC into another or several kinds of DC. DC-DC converter is the core part of DC power adapter, and it is also an important part of non isolated or isolated DC power adapter.

(2) Inverter (DC-AC) is a switch converter that converts DC to AC, some of which are called converter. It is the main component of AC output power adapter and UPS.

(3) Switching rectifier (AC-DC) is a kind of power adapter device that converts alternating current to direct current. The conversion process of this converter should be understood as ac-dc-ac-dc.

(4) AC-AC frequency converter (AC-AC) is a device which can directly convert one frequency AC to another constant frequency or variable frequency AC, or convert the variable frequency AC to constant frequency AC.


5. Classification by power adapter input and output isolation

(1) The isolated switching converter uses a high frequency transformer to separate the primary side (input) from the secondary side (output). The structure of the converter mainly includes single ended forward converter, single ended flyback converter, center tap converter, half bridge converter and full bridge converter.

(2) The input and output of non isolated switching converter are not isolated electrically, and the input and output share a common terminal. The structure of the converter mainly includes buck converter, boost converter, buck boost converter and their combined deformation circuits, such as Cuk Converter, zeta converter, SEPIC converter, etc.


6. Classification according to the working conditions of power switch off and opening

(1) The power switch device of the hard switch converter is on or off under the stress of voltage or current. In order to meet the requirements of high-precision and high-performance electrical equipment, it is necessary to add shielding, filtering and other anti noise technologies.

(2) The power switching device of soft switching converter is connected or closed without voltage or current stress; or the voltage added to the switch tube is zero, which is called zero voltage switch (ZVS); or the current flowing through the switch tube is zero, which is called zero current switch (ZCS). Because there is no voltage and current overlap in the switching process (ideal situation), the switching loss is greatly reduced, and the switching noise voltage is small, which is conducive to the high frequency and miniaturization of the switching converter.


Power adapter is widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instruments and meters, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, liquid crystal display, LED lamps, communication equipment, audio-visual products, security, computer case, digital products and instruments.


With the continuous innovation of power electronic technology, the power adapter industry has a broad development prospect. To speed up the development of power adapter industry in China, we must take the road of technological innovation, go out of the road of joint development of industry, learning and research with Chinese characteristics, and make contributions to the rapid development of national economy.


When you select the power adapter, you can provide the following parameters to meet the product requirements: 1. Output voltage; 2. Output current; 3. The country where the product to be used is located; 4. The type of appearance required; 5. The standard required by the DC head; 6. The type of product to be used; 7. The length of the output and input lines (there is no input line for wall plug).

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