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The difference between mobile charger and power adapter

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What is a charger?

Charger-electrical accessories, usually refers to equipment that converts alternating current into low-voltage direct current. Chargers are widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life, they have been widely used in ordinary electrical appliances such as mobile phones and cameras.


The charger converts the constant voltage and frequency alternating current used by the power electronic semiconductor device into a static DC converter device. The charger has broad application prospects when it is powered by a power supply or a battery backup power supply.

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What is a power adapter?

The power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power conversion equipment. It usually consists of a housing, a power transformer and a rectifier circuit. Its output can be divided into AC output and DC output types; the pressure connection can be inserted into the wall mount and the desktop. It is widely used in telephone cordless phones, game consoles, language repeaters, walkmans, notebooks, computers, cellular phones and other equipment.


Most desktop power adapters can automatically detect 100~240V AC (50/60Hz). Basically, all laptops connect the external power supply and the external power supply together, and have a line to connect to a host. Therefore, you can reduce the size and weight of the host. Only a few models of the host are built in the power supply. .


The nameplate of the power adapter is marked with power supply, input and output voltage, current and other indicators. Pay special attention to the input voltage range, which is called "travel power adapter".

 desktop power adapters

What is the difference between a charger and a power adapter?

According to the above definition and the content of personal opinions, the same nominal charger is usually not directly used for power supply, just like our mobile phone charger, because it is used to charge the phone and there is no wire directly connected to the phone to deceive the battery The use of; usually, the power adapter can not only power the computer, but also charge it, just like the power adapter of a notebook computer, it can charge the computer, and it can also supply power to the computer.


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