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What Are RCA Cables

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You’ve probably come across one countless times either at home, work or school. RCA cables are used for establishment of an audio and visual connection between two devices such as DVD’s to another device such as a television or a speaker. They can also be used transmit non-digital signals.


The RCA cable is named for the Radio Corporation of America. They are often made out of gold, silver or copper with the gold being the superior and most expensive of the three. This is because of its ability of oxidation prevention.


A typical RCA is a two way  plug made of three three coloured plugs (red, yellow and white being the most common) and is connected to a corresponding colored jack on the device to which the connection is to be established.


The wires are usually colour coded to avoid confusion and mix ups. They gained popularity in the 50’s in the era of video players boom in homes and markets.


RCA’s are still in use today, as they are a dupe for HDMI cables, with a variety of colours and modifications.


Types of RCA Cables

There are two types of RCA cables. The major difference between the two is the type of signal they transmit and their .quality.

● Composite Video RCA Cables

A typical RCA cable consists of three lines , two for audio and one for video connection. It is usually yellow in colour for composite video and red nd black or white for the left and right audio channel. It does not create high video quality


● Component cable

This cable produces high video quality and is used for high definition televisions. Unlike the composite RCA cable, the three lines are used for video. Hence the resulting high video quality and improved video signal. They are capable of producing resolutions as high as 1080p and above.


Factors to consider when picking an RCA cable

Before purchasing your RCA from a cable supplier, here are some things to look out for:

● Length

When picking an RCA cord, the length of the cable is very important. Make sure you buy just the right length of cable, not too long, not too short.


Length of cables ranges from 3feet-15 feet. Although most people go for the latter due to its convenience.


Although one should note that the longer the length of the cable, the poorer the signal. Hence why you should buy just the right length of cable for your connection.


● Material of connectors

The material of the end of the connectors are equally important. Pure gold coated ends are the best. If longevity is what you need, then gold plated ends are your go to RCA. Although they are not usually as good conductors in comparison to silver coated ends.

When looking for high conductivity, silver coated ends are you what you should get. Nickel and copper ends are also available but are of lesser quality in comparison to gold and silver ends.


● Shielding

A properly shielded cable gives a better connection than a poorly shielded one.


● End of cable

For a problem free connection, it is best to match the material used for the cable end to that of the connector port of the device for which connection is to be established. Match gold ends to gold connectors and likewise for silver or any other color. This would help for a glitch free connection.


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