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What is the difference between fast charging and slow charging of the battery charger?

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The battery charger can be divided into fast charging and slow charging, and although the charging time is relatively short, fast charging can cause damage to the battery. Isn't that the case? What is the difference between fast charge and slow charge? The following will be popularized by the battery charger manufacturer Super Dragon:


1. The difference between fast battery charging and slow battery charging of power adapter manufacturers


The charging current of fast charging is large, so the charging time will be much shorter; while the charging current of slow battery charging is small, so the charging time is longer.


As for the damage of fast charging to the battery, there is theoretically, because high-current charging generates more heat, which may accelerate the life-span consumption of the chemical material components in the battery. However, in order to save efficiency, this effect can generally be ignored (the battery cycle is generally 300-500 times, and it can be used for such a long time to save energy and reduce emissions).


2. Common sense of fast charging


Common sense 1: Fast charging technology has different branches. At present, the market is mainly divided into two categories: high voltage fast charging and low voltage fast charging.

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Common sense 2: Compared with high-pressure fast charging, low-pressure fast charging is much more complicated and costly.


The low-voltage fast charging solution needs to carry a larger input/output current, so the USB interface and charging equipment need to be modified. The use of specially-enhanced chargers, data cables and the charging module inside the mobile phone is simply a modification of the hardware from start to finish. Although the cost is high, the power is greatly enhanced while the heat can be excellently controlled, and it can be played while charging. It will not affect the charging efficiency of the mobile phone.


Common sense 3: Fast charging is related to the charger, the data cable and the internal charging module of the mobile phone. Among them, the charger and the internal charging module of the mobile phone account for the largest proportion, and the data line has a small impact but is also very important.


So, can ordinary mobile phones use fast charging heads?


The answer is yes. The charging current of the mobile phone is controlled by the mobile phone, not the charging head. The charging head can only passively adapt to the needs of the mobile phone. Therefore, ordinary mobile phones are charged with fast charging equipment and only input the current and voltage allowed by ordinary mobile phones.

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3. The meaning of fast charging


Fast charging is not only about the one or two hours saved, but more importantly, fast charging can reduce your unnecessary waste of time at important moments, provide more use time, and let you seize key opportunities to achieve higher value. Let users not be constrained by the charging time, no longer worry about the power, no need to sit and rest at the socket, and even greatly reduce the chance of using the mobile power to "hang the urine bag". This is the meaning of fast charging. In other words, the more valuable your time, the more meaningful fast charging is to you; the cheaper your time, the less important fast charging is.


Both fast charge and slow charge battery chargers have their own advantages. We produce various types of chargers. If you have any needs, you can contact us and we will definitely give you the best service.


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