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How to choose a desktop power adapter?

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When we choose a power adapter, what brand will we always consider? What is the quality, price, etc. In fact, we have to consider its stability, convenience and its effects. The following Super Dragon editor will discuss with you what kind of desktop power adapter is a good adapter.


1. Stability


The stability of the power adapter is mostly the same. It is based on the performance of over current protection, EMI radiation, voltage deviation, ripple suppression, cross load, timing, dynamic testing, etc., so as to determine whether the power adapter can be stable for a long time. run.


According to different environments, the performance of the data is different, and the stability is not the same. For example, the domestic mains voltage is 220V, such as Japan, the United States, Canada, etc., the mains voltage is 110V, the stability of the power adapter in these two cases is different, but the power adapter has a 20% voltage fluctuation range, and it is used abroad Don’t worry too much.

 Desktop Power Adapter

2. Convenience


Convenience is one of the main factors that everyone considers. Electronic products themselves are slowly moving towards a small and exquisite direction because of their convenience. Naturally, desktop power adapters are also the same. I believe no one would be willing to carry a big one with them. Convenience is based on the measurements, volume, and weight of the power adapter, and the lighter price will naturally be higher.


3. Energy saving


We are now advocating green travel and energy saving, I believe everyone can understand. Power adaption mainly comes from conversion efficiency. The initial power conversion efficiency is only 60%. Now with the advancement and development of technology, it can generally reach more than 70%. For example, the conversion efficiency of desktop power adapters produced by Super Dragon can be As high as 85%, this is already pretty good.


4. Durability


In addition to food, the durability of all commodities can be used as a measure. Due to the environment in which the power adapter is used, its durability is relatively important. In addition to normal use to connect to the mains and electronic equipment, everyone often takes the power adapter. Some bumps are inevitable, and the wire will be frequently flexed, which determines that its aging speed becomes faster. The life span is not that high.

 Desktop Power Adapter

5. Compatibility


Since the power adapter does not have a unified interface standard, the products on the market can be said to be ever changing in terms of interfaces. You must carefully compare when choosing. Another is that power adapters often have voltage floats. Power adapters with similar voltages can be used compatible, as long as they do not exceed the maximum range of electronic products.


The above are some of our tips on how to choose a desktop power adapter, and hope to help you. In addition, our applications are also very wide, such as household appliances, home appliances, beauty equipment, mobile devices, set-top boxes, POS machines, CCTV, LED, network equipment, etc. If you have any needs, you can go to our website to see, or you can contact us.


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