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How to recognize the correct power adaptor for your device

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When buying a new power adaptor for your personal computer, probably a desktop, it is important to recognize certain characteristics in your device, which will allow you to get the right replacement and at the most convenient price.

Desktop Power Adapters

When purchasing a new charger for our computer device, it is important to know what we are buying. Not only to avoid damage to the device, but also to be able to quote in different electronic stores. The lack of information in this type of products is usually the culprit that, in many cases, makes us overpay for a replacement, whether original or an alternative.

Each desktop, for example, in addition to the connection, uses a different voltage and power to function properly, and this is not only determined by the brand.

 Given this, we list below the important characteristics that you should take into account when looking for the correct charger for your device and, thus, have the possibility of quoting its value in the market in order to pay the price that most fits in your pocket.

1. Find out about the brand and model of your computer

It is not enough to recognize the brand of your desktop. It is essential to know the model, information that you can find on the screen frame or, in other cases, on the back, where the battery is installed. In case find this information, with the other two following characteristics, in the same way, you will be able to find the indicated charger. 

Knowing the brand and model will allow you to search about indicated Desktop power adaptorand give that information to the sellers of the stores you use. Another piece of information that you can use is the part-number, often printed on the back of the computer. You enter that number into the Google browser and you can find a clue about the model of your device.

2. Check the amperage and voltage that your desktop needs

The power required by your device to function appears in the same part where the model and brand should appear. This information can be found in the item "DC" or "input". You can find values ​​such as: - 14V, 16V, 18.5V, 19V, 19.5V, 20V, among others, that correspond to the voltage.


This same information can be found in the charger that your device originally brought, this time in the item "AC" or "output". Therefore, if you have the voltage and amperage information for your device, it is important that, when purchasing a new charger, this information appears printed on the label.

3. Verify that the desktop power adaptor plug is compatible with the connector of your device

Most brands of portable device have different chargers, in many cases, in the diameter of the tip. A computer charger can have a voltage, amperage and power equal to another but change in a minimum detail, such as the size of the connector (plug). If you do not have this information or do not remember the design, color or size - in sight - of your charger, with make and model, it is possible to know which connector your device uses. In most stores, this information is quite useful for users, so it is important to always buy from a place that can give you this type of information, so that they can correctly advise you on your purchase


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