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6 Major Considerations For Selecting a Wall Mount Power Adapter

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The wall mount power adapter is a little transportable electronic appliance which functions as power converter using its transformer and circuit rectifier.


The output from the wall mount power adapter is categorized into two types which are:


i. AC output type

ii DC-output type


For both types, a press connection is injected into it and it is used for many devices such as wireless phone, notebook computer, walkman, etc.


There are many numerous products scattered everywhere but if you want a quality and durable one, you need to partner with a trusted and dependable wall mount power adapter manufacturer.


You might want to know what you should consider before making your selection of the product you desired.


Here are the key factors to take consider:


1. System Power Requirements

The foremost thing to consider when choosing a wall mount power adapter is to check the power rating of your system.

This knowledge will help you what level of voltage, current and power would work perfectly with your system with the safe limit,



2.  Cable Option or Dc Plug

For a wall mount power adapter to supply power to your appliances, it needs a connection approach into the system.


If the box has been chosen, this will decide the DC plug to go with. The popular option is a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm or “P5” dc barrel plug (5.5 mm OD, 2.1 mm ID, 9.5 mm L).


If this does not fit in perfectly into it, then a customized one can be built that will fit in appropriately without any hitches


Apart from this, you want be very sure that the length of the cord is sufficient enough to reach your device without over stretching it.


Any slight modification made on the DC cord can affect the safety guidelines as well as its efficiency. Hence it is important you understand it.

 wall mount power adapter

3. Efficiency Regulations and Safety Standards


Different countries have efficiency standards which governs the level of energy that is allowed to be dissipated by an appliance.

CUI (Character User Interface) proffer a prototype that helps you handle the intricacies of the regulatory terrain.

Apart from the efficiency framework, it is important that the wall mount adapter meets the safety specifications of the system.

4. EMI and EMC

This is another factor that should be considered before any selection of product is made. The Wall mount power adapter should tick the boxes for both EMI and EMC regulatory framework.


This requirement is established to guarantee that your product will not in any way interfere with smooth operation of other product and vice versa.

5. Branding and System Integration

Another essential factor to take into cognizance is the aesthetic design of the power adapter and how well it appeals to you and the viewers.


You may want your adapter to share some striking resemblance in color, packaging and texture when integrated with your system.


Customizable brands with different designs can be built to satisfy the desires of the customers.   


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The process of choosing a wall mount power adapter may not look like a herculean task but in reality it is, considering the numerous products displayed in the market.

Hence the need to connect and partner with a reputable and reliable wall mount power adapter manufacturer.

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