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AC/DC Power Adapter 7.8V1.2A For Electronic Scale Use


    • Meet IEC 60950-1

    • Over Current Protection

    • Meet Energy Efficiency DOE Level VI

    • Over Temperature Protection

    • Meet Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2

    • Over Voltage Protection

    • High Reliability

    • Electronic Short Circuit Protection

    • EMC Standard: EN55032/EN55024 Class B

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Product Specification

Input Voltage100-240VAC
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Output Voltage7.8V8V9V6V12V
Output Current1.2A1.2A1.2A2A0.9A
Form FactorWall Mount Power Adapters

Mechanical Specification

Dimension LxWxH(mm)

88*46*44MM  (CN\US\JP\EU\KR\BR Version)



Advantages (Our Products & Services)

  • Materials: Brand new components, EMC standard pure copper transformer, Well-known brand electric capacitor (RUBYCON/HITACHI…), ABS+PC plastic shell, Anti-oxidation PCB board, Pure copper wire core cable ;

  • Design: IC scheme + PWM control + EMC circuit + PFC circuit design;

  • Delivery time : Fastest delivery time can be 5 days;

  • Cost-effective price.

Advantage of Super Dragon Power Adapter

Benefits (For User & Dealer)

  • Compact design, Small space requirement.

  • IC Scheme, best stability

  • Switched-mode power supply with low power consumption

  • Power-saving and energy-saving

  • R&D and production experience for over 10 years, fastest delivery date in the industry which saved time for franchiser.

  • Direct sales from producer, Orders by sending samples are welcomed, saving costs for franchiser.


A power adapter is a regulated product and an agency/government’s regulation is an important aspect of the power adapter. Super Dragon’s Power Adapters are certified to many international standards such as:

-IEC60950: information technology equipment

-IEC60335/UL1310: house use electronics

-IEC61558: power transformers & power supplies

-IEC60065: audio, video and similar electronic apparatus

Super Dragon’s AC to DC power adapters are approved by UL, CUL, FCC, CE, GS, SAA, C-Tick, MEPS, PSE, KC/KCC, BS, CCC and other safety standards. This can relieve your after-purchase worries.

Super Dragon Power Adapter FactoryCustomer Visit

Since its establishment in 2008, Super Dragon’s Power Supplies & Adapters products and services have been loved by business people in many countries and regions.

Under the new coronavirus outbreak situation, our customers who have worked together with us for many years still place bulk orders for us.

Choosing the right AC/DC Power Adapter

Inspect the device and look for any labels or symbols that indicate either the voltage or mAh/A, if not, check the user manual or do a quick Google search. Besides, confirm with your engineer.

Choose the right specs by matching the V and equal or beat the mAh, so if you are choosing an AC/DC power adapter, make sure you check the following:

Important symbols to look for are:

-V = An input Voltage for example 12V

-AC or DC – as indicated by a symbol.

-mAh/A – current consumption

-The adapter output V matches the rated input V of the device

-The adapter output is greater or equal to the devices rated mAh or A

-The plug fits into your device and has the correct polarity

As usual, all of this information is on the power adapter sticker, remember you are always looking for the output V and mAh or A.

Once you have the V and A determined, most appliances will have a circular connector with the inside hole carrying one pole and the outsides carrying the other.

  • The most common is center positive (+) connectors.

  • There is also the less popular center negative (-) connectors.


Our application is very extensive,such as Household,Appliances,Beauty Devices,Mobile Devices,Set-top-box,POS Machine,CCTV,LED,Networking Devices…


Can I have sample even pre-production before I send you order?
Yes.We can send you a free sample for your approval first.
What’s your MOQ?
Usually,our MOQ is 100 pcs/model. Except for some special designed model.
What’s the leadtime for mass production?
Usually our leadtime for 5000 pcs is 7 days.Depend on your quantity and the model you order.
How should we pay if we order from you?
For small amount,you can pay by Paypal,Wechat,Alipay.When amount more than USD600,you can pay by bank.
What’s the warranty for your products?
We have 2 years(24 months) warranty.
Can I make OEM package?
Yes.We can make OEM package when the quantity over 1000 pcs of each model.

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