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Types of Different Mobile Phone Charger Cables Explained: Which One Do I Need?

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More than 1.4 billion mobile phones are sold every year around the world. If you're one of the lucky ones who has just invested in a new phone, congratulations. Whether the phone is brand new or new-to-you, you probably have some questions about this new model. If you're thinking about upgrading, you may be comparing makes and models.

There are several different types of USB cables, and not all of them work with every device. That's why it's important to know which ones will work on your mobile. Lucky for you, this guide has exactly the information you're looking for. Discover the different types of USB cords, and which mobile models they work with.


Micro-USB Cables

It makes sense to start with some of the more popular and common types of USB cords. Then the guide looks at some of the older ones.

The micro-USB cable was once considered the standard connector. It's not as popular today. Micro-USB is notable for its small size, which is why it's so popular for mobiles and other tech gadgets.

Micro-USB cables only fit into the port if they're the right way round. If you try to insert one upside down or backward, you risk damaging the port or the cable.

The primary advantage of micro-USB is that they connect directly to your device. That means you don't need a computer interface. You can connect a USB drive or another USB device to your mobile.

If your device is older than 2015, it's quite likely that it will come equipped with a micro-USB port. If you're purchasing a used device, check to see if the cable and the charger come with the phone.

Many newer mobiles and devices are using a different type of USB cable. A cable from a newer device may not be compatible with an older used phone.


USB-C Cables

In the last few years, mobile manufacturers have been moving away from micro-USB in favour of a new type of USB cord. It's known as USB-C, and it has a few advantages over its predecessors.

First, USB-C is much faster than micro-USB. That's the primary reason manufacturers have been switching to it. It's also believed to be more powerful than some of the older USB types.

USB-C is also more versatile. Unlike micro-USB, USB-C is actually backward compatible. That means you can plug it in upside down, and it will still work.

That's good news for anyone who's ever fumbled with a USB cable or struggled to get it into the port the right way round.

Even Apple has been adopting USB-C ports for its devices. Apple has long been the hold out in the mobile world, resisting the allure of micro-USB. That decision caused Apple products to be incompatible with other chargers for years.


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