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Some things you need to know about sourcing power supply for your LED light

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When we know nothing about power supply for LED light, how to know the fastest way to know about LED Light Power Supply and how to buy Power Supply in bulk is the best way?
I think this article can tell you the answer!


As we all know, LED lights are rapidly replacing incandescent and fluorescent lights in indoor and outdoor lighting devices with their energy saving, long life, durability and flexible design. But choosing the right LED is only part of the design equation. In order to make the customer's solid-state lighting design achieve comprehensive efficiency, durability and service life, we need to choose the right POWER SUPPLY to match the customer's application requirements with the LED used.

Selecting the type of Power Supply for the lighting application will be based on several factors. 

First, consider the environment in which the application runs. 

Is use in indoor or outdoor? 

Does the power supply need to be waterproof or needs a special IP level? 

Can the power supply use conduction cooling or use only convection cooling? 

Indoor use Power Supply have plastic enclosure type, usually we call it AC/DC power adapter and some are LED driver. Its output power lower 180W. While Metal enclosure type indoor use Power Supply have a better heat radiation performance. Its output power range from 12W to 500W.

Nowadays, some art LED Light and Children's eye lamp adopt 5V or 12V power adapter to powering. Also USB type Power Adapter Charger were use widely.

Outdoor use Power Supply have Waterproof Power Supply (IP67...) and Rainproof Power Supply.


Second, you want to define the overall power requirements. 

A single light lamp may need only for a small power supply, but a complex system may need to provide hundreds of watts of power. Also, do you need other functions? For example, does the power supply need to work in a simple constant voltage mode or a constant current mode, and does the application require dimming?

Constant Voltage Mode Power Supply usually call it as Switching Mode Power Supply / Power Adapter.

While constant current Power Supply usually call it as LED Light Driver.

Constant voltage power supply and constant current current have their own advantages.

Therefore, before purchasing lamp power supply, be sure to confirm with your engineers whether it is constant voltage power supply or constant current power supply.

Third, confirm the power.

The power of the Light determines how much power the Power Supply (Power Adapter) is needed. For example, the required power can be calculated according to the length and type of the light band. 

Fourth,confirm the interface type.

The output interface of the light belt power adapter needs to be matched with the interface type of the light belt, generally including the DC interface and the USB interface. 

Fifth, confirm the Safety certification.

To ensure that the selected power adapter meets the relevant safety certification standards, such as CE certification, ROHS certification, etc. 

Sixth, choose Brand and quality. 

Choose the famous brand power adapter to ensure better quality and avoid the use of low quality power adapter damage to the light belt. Consult with Super Dragon, you can get a high- cost performance Power Supply Quotation with great service.

To sum up, the Power Supply (power adapter) for the LED Light needs to be considered according to the requirements, safety certification, brand, quality, and price, to ensure that the appropriate power adapter is selected to power the light.


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