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Planning your travel with a desktop power adapter

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Are you planning that long travel for a vacation or to visit your loved one? It’s good you have your clothing, your towel and toiletries, your shoes and other accessories in your backpack. Is there something you’re forgetting? Yes, you have your personal computer and other gadgets to keep you busy on your way, probably on the flight or the long hours on the train. There is something you might not have considered. This is the type of plugs that work in your country of destination. Doing so will help you to plan on the best desktop power adapter to get for your long travel.

Every country have a specific type of plugs that is prominent in the region. Also, these plugs have their specific voltage. For example, Japan and most of the American continent the voltage of the plugs is usually between 100 and 125 volts, while the vast majority of the rest of the world uses between 220 and 240 volts.

Many of the devices - even if they have been manufactured or bought in the United States or Japan - are made to work with both voltages (110 and 220). So make sure you read the instructions carefully before buying a converter.

Each plug type corresponds to a letter (A through O), although some types can sometimes fit more than one model. In general, the European plug is usually type C, while the English plug corresponds to G and the American plug is type A. On the other hand, in continents such as Asia or Africa different types of plug are used in each country.


It is very important to check which is the socket model used in the country, region or island that we are going to visit, so you can advance the purchase of a universal plug adapter. With universal current transformer, this type of adapter you will no longer have to have, for example, a European to American plug adapter and another European to English plug adapter. The universal power adapter can be easily found on the Internet, electrical stores, hardware stores, and home or in large stores.

To find out what voltage and frequency your devices have, look for the corresponding information, which is usually detailed on a label on the bottom or back of the device, or on the plug itself. Some teams are more versatile in this regard, because they work for certain voltage and frequency ranges, for example, 110-220 V and 50-60 Hz. U n current transformer  avoid damaging the devices that plugs in countries with difference voltage and / or frequency.

However, even if 2 countries operate with the same voltage, there can always be a second problem: the shape of the plug. This is when the adapter comes in.

Now, do you have a suitable desktop power adapter for your new destination? It’s the best time to check out our website to get the best for your travel.

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Sure, you don’t want to spend so much trying to get power for your mobile phones and your other gadgets while to take out time to move around. Taking pictures are part of your vacation, and you don’t want to miss out on those lovely scenes and memories. Enjoy! 


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