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Brief introduction of switching power supply and its main purpose

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In the field of switching power supply technology, people are developing related power electronic devices and switching frequency conversion technology. The two promote each other to promote the switching power supply to light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability, with a growth rate of more than two digits every year. The direction of anti-interference development. Today we will mainly understand what a switching power supply is.



Switching power supply, also known as switching power supply, switching converter, is a high-frequency electric energy conversion device, which is a kind of power supply. Its function is to convert a level of voltage into the voltage or current required by the user through different forms of architecture.

 switching power supply

The input of the switching power supply is mostly AC power (such as mains) or DC power, and the output is mostly equipment that requires DC power, such as a personal computer, and the switching power supply performs voltage and current conversion between the two.


The switching power supply is different from the linear power supply. Most of the switching transistors used in the switching power supply switch between the fully open mode and the fully closed mode. Both modes have the characteristics of low dissipation, and the conversion between switching will have higher consumption. But the time is very short, so it saves energy and generates less waste heat.


Ideally, the switching power supply itself does not consume power. Voltage regulation is achieved by adjusting the time when the transistor is turned on and off. On the contrary, in the process of linear power supply generating output voltage, the transistor works in the amplifying area, and it also consumes electric energy.


The high conversion efficiency of the switching power supply is one of its advantages, and because the switching power supply has a high operating frequency, a small size and light weight transformer can be used, so the switching power supply will be smaller in size and lighter than the linear power supply.

switching power supply 

If the high efficiency, volume and weight of the power supply are the key considerations, the switching power supply is better than the linear power supply. However, the switching power supply is more complicated, and the internal transistor will switch frequently. If the switching current has not been processed, noise and electromagnetic interference may be generated to affect other equipment, and if the switching power supply is not specially designed, the power factor of the power supply may not be high.


The main purpose

Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, liquid crystal displays, LED Lighting, communication equipment, audio-visual products, security monitoring, LED light strips, computer cases, digital products and instruments and other fields.


The continuous innovation of power electronics technology gives the switching power supply industry a broad development prospect. If you don’t know about the introduction of switching power supply, you can contact us. If you need the product, you can visit our website.


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