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Are fast chargers really good?

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In this article, we are going to see how exactly fast chargers work and whether or not they are advisable for mobile and other compatible devices.

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Are fast chargers really good?

The mobile device batteries don’t always last as we would expect. So, we have to charge them several times a day. This could be daunting especially when you have to leave home early and may not have the time to charge your device.

How do fast chargers work?

To explain how fast-charge chargers work, we will first explain how normal chargers work. 

The batteries basically contain 2 chemicals. When they join, they react and become transformed into only 1 chemicals. A flow of electrons takes place, which is what generates the energy for your mobile components to work. Basically, that flow of electrons is what we call electricity.

When we charge a mobile device battery, the reverse procedure takes place. This means that the electrons are plugged in. The chemical compounds they return to their original state and are ready to start the initial procedure again.

A fast charger works on this principle, but more power is delivered than in a conventional charger.

Basically, all fast chargers are governed by the same principle, but there are variations. In some models, more voltage and amperage is sent.

In a conventional charger 5 volts and 2.1 amps are delivered. But in a fast charge, 9 or even 12 volts and up to 3 amps are supplied.

We define volts and amps as physical quantities that are used to measure the flow of currents (electrons). Volts are the electrical potential and amps, could be defined as " the amount of electrons supplied."

For example, many of the fast chargers supply 11 volts and 5 amps, so they can charge 3,000 mAh in just 20 minutes, something incredible.

Actually the amperage is not as important as the voltage, although it must always reach 2 A. Although the charger has a lot of amperage, the mobile will only consume what it needs. However, if there is less quantity, the device charges more slowly. But this is not bad at all. In fact, the slower it charges the better it is for the health of the smartphone.

So is fast charging good?

Fast charging is very useful in cases of emergency. However, when overused, it could lead to damage to battery and your device. 

Take away

While it charges your phone in the quickest possible time, fast chargers may have effects on your mobile in the long term. 

Care should be taken when choosing a fast charger. You need to liaise with reputable fast charger manufacturers to get the best for you. These manufacturers reduce the speed of the battery charge when it reaches higher levels. For example, some brands disable fast charging when the device reaches 30% and others do so at 40%; from that percentage, the power is decreased and it begins to charge normally.


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