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All You Need To Know About A Wall Mount Power Adaptor

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Wall mount power adaptors are several names such as wall bumps, AC adaptors, wall plug transformer, wall wart, power cubes, linear wall mount and more popularly, wall mount power supplies. 


Wall mount power adaptors are a kind of external power supply usually bound in a plastic case that looks like an AC plug.


They are usually small and plug directly into wall sockets.


They are produced in various quality and performance levels and are tailor-made to suit different budgets.


Wall mount power adaptors are the most popular source of low voltage power.


These adaptors are used with devices that need power but don’t possess the internal parts to obtain the needed power and voltage.


In battery-powered equipment, they can be referred to as rechargers or chargers.


They can be purchased from any wall mount power adaptor suppliers, but it is important and highly recommended that one produced by a highly reputable manufacturer is purchased.

 5V3A Switching Power Adapter

They are two types of wall mount power adaptors


1. The AC/AC: 


The AC/AC is a basic AC current in and AC current out step-down transformer that generally requires a low voltage.


There are no additional passive or active parts.


It supplies a certain voltage at a certain current.


It does not possess any line regulation, and therefore the output and input voltage are proportional.


The windings of this adaptor are an important part of the load, and hence, it possesses a little amount of load regulation. 



2. The AC/DC:


With the addition of a diode, a simple AC/DC wall mount power adaptor has been created.


The least costly DC wall adaptor makes use of half wave ratification and with a little more money, a full wave can be purchased.


The half wave ratification DC adaptor has one diode and is used for toy motors, battery adapters, battery chargers and any other device that are the cheapest and that the 50% duty cycle and the 100% ripple are inconsequential.


A wall mount power adapter is considered as well suited with any device if it has these characteristics:

· If the shape of the adaptor matches the shape the plug of the device. 


· If the adaptor has to have an amperage that is greater than the device:


A device will take its amperage from the adaptor, therefore, the adaptor’s amperage must be at least as much as that of the device. 


· If the polarity of the adaptor and the device are identical:


This is usually specified in a diagram having two circles showing either a plus (+) sign or a minus (-) sign pointing toward the outer and inner plug. 


· If the voltages of the adaptor and the device are identical:


Many devices are made to work within a specified voltage range, so, it’s acceptable if the voltage of the adaptor is close enough. 




Wall mount power supplies are versatile, affordable and useful for a lot of devices.


Remember that this adaptor must be purchased from the most reliable wall mount power adaptor supplier that you can find.


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